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Blood Diamond Expert

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

African Sunset
African Sunset

If I ask you to imagine driving up a bumpy dirt road in rural west Africa 25 years ago, to explore artisan diamond mines for investors with deep pockets, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie '' Blood Diamonds'', Starring Leonard DiCaprio. I doubt that you would have thought of a 5' 4'' redheaded woman carrying her portable gem identification lab.

Registered Gemologist and Blood Diamond Experts, Suzanne Charlebois is a proud member of the Prestige Evaluation team
Suzanne Charlebois, Blood Diamond Expert

Registered Gemologist, Suzanne Charlebois is the real deal when it comes to adventure and knowing the gem and jewellery industry from mine to market. A gold member in good standing and contributor of IGS (International Gem Society)   She maintains a private independent gemological laboratory as well as a mobile lab for field work. 

Among her acades she was the expert witness for the defence, on Canada's first ever court case involving the Kimberly Process Certificate Schema. A voluntary Government program developed to prevent the illegal import of unethical diamonds, A.K.A. Blood Diamonds.

Since 2005, Suzanne has earned her stripes in the retail jewellery industry as well as sourcing gemstones globally from artisan miners, and dealers. She has worked on special assignments in West & East Africa, Middle East, Asia and Canada for gemstone and rough diamond investors as well as African Government agencies looking to develop their export trade to the International market.

As a proud member of the Prestige Evaluation team, she is a dedicated consumer educator and  speaks regularly at a variety of venues and events, including for her favourite charity, Shriner's Hospital.


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