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Change Happens, Ready Or Not

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Change can be scary especially when strong emotions are involved, like in situations of death, divorce, or unwelcome lifestyle changes due to health or finances. Even the most stoic among us can feel intimidated by such life events.

Laurie Beauchemin is so much more than a sales associate with Prestige Evaluation Inc. With a bachelors degree in psychology and a certificate in grief counselling, Laurie listens in order to understand and to help you explore the options …. She will lead you in every step by matching you with highly skilled appraisers, and be your personal contact, walking you through the process of downsizing your estate, family distribution of assets, divorce estates, etc…

With Toastmasters since 2014, Laurie is well spoken, intelligence and highly empathetic. She is the perfect person to help you explore the options that will best suit your needs.

It's Laurie's job to match you with a highly skilled appraiser(s) and be your personal contact through every step of the process.

What ever your need, from down sizing your estate, family distribution of assets, divorce estates, etc...

Are you a lawyer, notary, wealth management professional or a high net worth individual? Laurie also handles the corporate accounts for Prestige Evaluation inc.


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