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Collectors Are Passionate Connoisseurs

Nobody understands this better Prestige Evaluation inc. Our team has a few collectors.

John H. Grow ISA-AM is an avid collector and true admirer of fine watches and clocks.

He has studied under NAWCC's ( National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) very own Guest Museum Curator, Adam Harris. John is also an active member of their association not to mention a contributor to their publication ( Oct - Nov 2019 NAWCC Blog)

Watches are so much more that practical time pieces or a fashion accessory to the collector. They are also examples of fine craftsmanship, history, art, technology, precision, status etc... It is easily to loose your self in the many fine details that go into making a quality time piece.

Collecting starts innocently with one, then another and another and before long you start to refine your collection as your appreciation grows. A good collection can start to have real value and represent a substantial investment.

By having a proper manifest with item description, photos ans receipts is the first step in protecting investment in the event of an unplanned loss such as theft, flood or fire. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to require a validation of your collection prior to insuring it. That is what a skilled appraiser comes in.


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Susan McAlpine
Susan McAlpine

My Dad was such a collector of watches, and my sister and I inherited 60+ antique watches, all in running order. Since we are not collectors we are wondering how to have them valued, and subsequently how to sell them. A friend at TD mentioned your name. Can you point us in the right direction?

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