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VIP day at the auto show

Montreal Auto show 2020 - An appraiser point of view

January 16th. was the media / VIP day at the Montreal auto show. This is a day before the opening to give a chance for interviews, photo-shoots and making connections. It’s also a more relaxed environment without the crowds, so you can accomplish a lot of serious examination of cars of interest.

Our top 3 picks for the HOT list was:

1. Aston Martin (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

2. Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC

3. Ferrari.

As an automotive appraiser who has examined models going back to the 1920’s. Looking at values of past sales on the models is one of my tools. Granted, some vintage cars are much more valuable than when the original model first sold. There are cars of today, which only increase in value, with little to no depreciation (Taking into account inflation).

These ultimate cars will surely be more expensive to buy, say in 5 years from now given the facts that these cars are not made by the thousands in some assembly line. An owner’s care insures that the car will not be run down, become dirty and abused, like

a daily vehicle used for every little trip and in every weather.

Aston Martin, was made famous by the James Bond movies, with Its iconic style dates back to the 1950’s. At the show they were showing off the first SUV, the ‘DBX’, ideally for customers who want the ultimate in luxury, style and performance. It was nice, but my attention was drawn to the Vantage, DB11, the DBS Superleggera and the Rapid AMR. These are the cars, which will hold their value thru the ages in the battle of inflation and material & labor costs increases. The same could be said for DB2, DB MKIII, DB4, DB5, and DB6 to the DB12 series. They span from 1950 to present.

Jaguar Land Rover Canada presented the ‘New Defender SUV’, which had a WOW

factor and the ultimate toy for the person who has everything. Looking at the values of

vintage ‘Defenders’ and how they have increased over the years, this model should

follow its ancestry history. I would not be surprised to see this model in 15 years from

now selling for the same amount, as it was new in 2020.

What got my attention was the Jaguar F-type Coupe, available as a hardtop or

convertible. This model has value, performance and an unforgettable style that will turn

heads. It will be interesting to see this car age in 20 years time. It should hold its value,

depending on its condition.

Meeting with Alain Leynaert of Jaguar Land Rover Canada, who is based in

Mississauga, Ontario was a real pleasure. Alain is the ultimate Jaguar owner and

history buff. His knowledge of the company and models is first rate. We were

discussing the XK and XJ models of the past and how the values have faired over the


Ferrari, with its distinctive yellow badge with the black stallion trademark. Has always been on the top list of cars that increases in value. A good example is a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB, who’s original list price at the time when new was around $ 20,000.00 US funds, has increased in value to $ 2,205,000 US Funds. Source: Sotheby’s, 8-9 March 2019, Lot # 245. Which is down from a high of nearly 8 million dollars US from 2018.

Speaking with Umberto Bonfa, President of Ferrari Quebec, you can see his passion and love of Ferrari’s. A true Italian gentleman who worked his way from used car sales to his present position. A real car lover, who everyday, when he wakes up, is looking for another day of automotive excitement.

Written by John H. Grow ISA-AM

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